An increased number of teacher training days have increased the San Francisco Unified School District's need for substitute teachers, but they can't find enough subs to fill the void, the Chron reports. As a result, kids are being shuffled from classroom to classroom, missing days of instruction. Let's look at some of the numbers:

  • 1,618: The number of SFUSD teacher sick calls in September, 2014
  • 1,325: The number of substitute shifts available to fill those calls
  • 20%: The percent of SFUSD teacher absences in September that were instead covered by "a counselor, librarian, another teacher or the principal"
  • 550: The number of SFUSD teacher absences that weren't covered by a sub in September
  • 14,000: The number of SFUSD students who didn't get the instruction the should have expected on those teacher sick days
  • 1 in 10: The number of SFUSD classrooms where, even if the teacher planned an absence in advance, the school was still unable to get a sub to fill in this September
  • 180: The total number of SFUSD school days in a year
  • 36: The number of days a sub must work to be considered "active" per year
  • $200: The amount of the bonus subs are given if they teach at least 60 days a semester
  • $400: The amount of the bonus subs get if they teach at least 50 days a semester at a "hard-to-staff school"
  • 20: The number of SFUSD subs who work most of the school year
  • 2: The number of weeks a combined fourth and fifth class at Harvey Milk Civil Rights Academy went without a teacher, or a sub, after a teacher quit
  • 1st: The grade classroom one fifth-grader from the teacherless class was placed in
  • $136-$165: The amount of money, per day, that a sub who works for the SFUSD makes
  • $271: The amount of money (not counting benefits) a full-time SFUSD teacher makes per day

All facts and figures: Why S.F. has a severe shortage of substitute teachers, SF Chronicle, November 4, 2014